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Jester’s Quest has been Greenlit


Developer: Cybernautic; Based in Trnava, Slovakia

Release Date: Well, I just don’t know 🙂

Platforms: PC

Availability: Digital Download

Languages: All (Look at IkonTalk feature)

Press Contact: cybernautic1_at_gmail_dot_com

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Jester’s Quest is an fairy tale metroidvania platformer with some
RPG elements. Jester’s Quest is using Unreal Engine 4 and some
of its effects in symbiosis with classic pixelart. Navigate little jester
in open world map to more than 50 different levels and solve
puzzles, fight enemies and help villagers with their problems.


Well that is quite easy. As a little jester you have to save the
kingdom and get half of the princess. Or how was it?


– Only TRUE pixelart counts
– No hi-res sprites or textures, only carefully selected pixels


– No skeletal/bone/spine ugly modern no life animations,
– Only oldschool fancy frame by frame animation
– Handmade animations includes torso and head rotations
– Subpixel animation at it’s best


Do you remember Shadow of the beast classic from Amiga
with 12 layers of parallax scrolling? Well Jester’s Quest is
using more than 15 of these layers for shocking parallax scrolling.


You don’t have to read a single word in JQ. All beings in the
kingdom talks to player via icons and they are also speaking
with their own unique language – Talespeech, with more than
50 word expressions.


Jester with his main weapon – pogocello, can attack enemies
with two buttons combo style combat system. You can link
primary attack (damage dealer) with secondary (radial damage
or block breaker) and mix them together with multiple secondary
weapons like magic cards or “jack in the box” bombs or with special
fairies attacks. Ohh, don’t you know that you have some fairies in
your bag?


Pixies are small fairy tale fairies which will help jester on his quest.
They have special abilities like lockpick, repair or summon light and
also special attacks like fireball, lightning or poison. They can also
charge jester’s pogocello up to five tiers so he can unleash all the
energy in it with a devastating blow.

And did I mentioned that jester can ride a killer unicorn?
Oooh yeah. This fantasy beast beats everyone with its
magic horn. But will be jester able to tame it?


Jester’s Quest is a mixture of medieval, chiptune and orchestral
music, spiced with electric guitars. Are you wondering how it
sounds? You can taste a little bit of it in reveal trailer video.

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